Hydra vegetal yves rocher 24h

hydra vegetal yves rocher 24h

18 отзывов, оценка: ⭐2 (Увлажняющий крем Yves Rocher). Свежий отзыв: Крем для лица Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal интенсивно увлажняющий «Интенсивное Увлажнение. Жаль только, что компания Yves Rocher почти все. Итак, перед нами пробник "Gel Creme Hydratation Intense 24H" от компании "Yves Rocher". Крем-гель Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Интенсивное Увлажнение 24 часа.

Hydra vegetal yves rocher 24h

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Hydra vegetal yves rocher 24h скачать тор браузер с торента вход на гидру


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So during the winter period my skin needs a good moisturizer! This is a 24h intense moisturizer gelcream that moisturizer and recover the skin. This cream is perfect for a normal or combined skin type! In this cream there are no parabens, mineral oil and pigment inside. What is well inside are like example maple juice and blue agave. This ensures a bright and firmer skin.

The cream promise to moisturize the skin for 24h. You can use this cream in the morning and evening. I prefer to use it only in the morning. The cream indeed has a bit a gelly structure. But I think that it feels more like a cream. It smells a bit fresh. But the only thing that I hate about this day cream is that the cream is inside a big jar. The most important is of course how good is this cream? But than this cream was not that ideal for my skin and made it greasier.

Sometimes, I am surprised at just how impressively effective some skincare is. Yes, you read that right — gasp! I started using these because my skin was giving me grief despite all my ministrations and feeling and looking very dull and dry.

Its helpful therefore to have a trusted view from this review from Tracy who raved about this range helping her skin all the way in the Great White North. So hey, I had to see how it fares here in the hot humid Tropics! Incidentally, very well. Without mincing words, just a few days of use helped my skin rebalance itself and rehydrate and I was sold.

Have you come across this range yet? It is light in texture and on skin without any sticky feel. The hydrating effect is, as promised, almost feels immediate. I was facing dry dull skin at this time, and in just a few days, using this concentrate paired with the gel cream, I could visibly see my skin looking much better. I usually use 1 to 2 pumps of product depending on the condition of my skin and I use it morning and evening. Well, I did for the past 1.

The gel cream is more cream than gel and is meant for those with normal to combination skin. What it means is that its light enough for those skin types. The texture is light and spreads easily and absorbs into skin quite quickly. Like the Concentrate, it seems to go to work almost immediately to hydrate my skin and this combination of product were, I believe, instrumental for getting my skin back on balance at the time I started out on them.

And the serum is a little thicker than what you may be used to too. The Hydra Vegetal range is new to Yves Rocher and is targeted at hydration. I tried these when my skin was flaky in parts and feeling and looking dry and dull and I believe it was instrumental in helping things get back on kilter. I have been using it for over 1. Pros: Affordable, Light textured products suit normal to combination skin types, Goes to work almost immediately to boost skin hydration.

Who will like this: Anyone who wants a wallet friendly hydrating range of skincare that works. I will note that the scent may not be very pleasing to everyone. The Gel Cream was sold out though. Apparently its been flying off the shelves! Paris B is a something beauty and skincare enthusiast with a practical and very critical view of beauty products and the world of beauty. Her mission on My Women Stuff is to deliver clear, honest reviews and facilitate discussions about beauty trends and life, tempered with a healthy dose of humour.

When not testing the newest skincare creams and lotions, or playing with makeup, find her testing her culinary skills in the kitchen at Chez PB. Read more about us here or leave a comment below or connect with us on social media at Instagram , Facebook and Twitter! Hi Efrain, its great to know the gel cream works for you too! Plumps them up nicely and its affordable too! My super sensitive skin really loves it, especially when I apply it over my regular serum which it can be a bit drying when used alone and I can see major improvements — no more dull skin, less red, smoother skin I always get fluid filled tiny bumps for no particular reason and plumped.

My brother who has dry flaky skin especially around his mouth also has improved on this drastically. Too bad the gel cream was sold out at that moment, I really want to try it too! Opsssss, typo, it is Elixir 7. Waah you got a really good discount!

I do think the serum is quite something because I actually saw and felt the benefits myself too. I saw this brand at Singapore local pharmacies. I was tempted, but I have too much skincare to try at the moment. I hear ya on the numerous skincare. My dresser is presently overflowing LOL! When you said that your skin is dry, how do you define it and do you know the cause of the dryness? The products look pretty interesting and affordable too but since I still have much skincare left I will give this a pass.

How I know my skin is dry is mostly through how I feel and how it looks. When it is dehydrated or dry I feel that its tight and looks dull and lines look more obvious. Plumped up hydrated skin usually looks smoother and more radiant. Hi PB! How would you compare this to Laneige Water Bank essence and the cream?

I have tried them in trial pack size. Your posts made me want to try them and I sure hope it performs better than Laneige. Hi Effa, you posed an excellent question! Thanks for the link Paris! It works so well for me too! Most welcome Tracy! I took a look at some of the cosmetics while I was in the store and I know their eyeshadows get some raves.

I have yet to try their skincare but their shower gels are pretty decent and could probably give Bodyshop a run for their money.

Hydra vegetal yves rocher 24h скачать тор браузер на русском на андроид hyrda

Skin Care - Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal First Impressions Review

Бренд: Yves Rocher Ив Роше.

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